Wow. Just wow. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to shoot Gisela and Marcel’s wedding. I first met these two in Bali, Indonesia when shooting for  her sister’s wedding. Excited to capture the energy and atmosphere of the area, I asked them to do an impromptu shoot with me at the Night Market. Instantly they wanted me to be their wedding photographer – they weren’t even engaged yet! When visiting these two in Bottrop, Germany a few years later, they had mentioned it again in passing. I don’t know why, but I never really thought much of it especially since Marcel is best friends with my photographer hero, Lukas Piatek, so why would he choose me?

Fast forward to the beginning of 2018, I was at a Starbucks working and received an email from Gisela and Marcel to FaceTime. They officially asked me to be their wedding photographer in Amsterdam. WHAT!?! I thought to myself, “Is this the feeling you get when someone asks you to be their best man / maid of honour??” It was unreal. I was so stoked! People at the cafe probably found me distracting and borderline annoying. Oh well, I didn’t care. I would get the chance to document these two lovable and charming people! Re-living the feeling makes me giddy just even writing about it. 

As soon as I touched down in Amsterdam for this destination wedding, I was part of it all: from visiting the florist, finalizing their venue details, joining the family dinner, tying streamers around trees — I was in the thick of it. I couldn’t even imagine putting my camera down for days in the  Netherlands. I just wanted to document every. single. moment. The light was nothing like what I’ve worked with before. It was beautiful, romantic, magical, yet temperamental. Regardless, it was stunning. 

So much thought was put into every aspect of the wedding. It was all about the details. The sweetest was Marcel’s cufflinks, which were of their old dog, Max. I met him before and he was such a loveable English bulldog with the personality of a stubborn old man and a heart of gold. Before he passed, he originally was supposed to be the ring bearer. I’m glad he was still able to have a part in the ceremony and celebration. 

It was the venue, with Gisela and Marcel’s attention to detail, that brought the vision all together. The setup was simple yet rustic-chic. Hanging over the two long dining tables were ferns and small frames for the table sections. Each place setting had a succulent pot for the guests to take home and a handwritten table card. Dinner at van de Keizer was served family style and was like nothing I’ve had before. Everything was delicate, very delicious and fresh, especially the fish! Oh, the fish! As dinner came to a close, the party moved to the greenhouse courtyard for a surprise performance Marcel had planned: from a very sweet song to some funny pop covers to get the crowd hyped for the party! 


Videography: Stories with Love
Flowers: Bloemen Op Locatie       
Venue: het Rijk van de Keizer
Music: DJ Markus Rosenbaum
Cake: Cake & More by Ute Kosmell



Wow! what a wonderful wedding location – great images! thank you. xxbr

Thanks! I was really blessed to be part of such a fun celebration!

Awesome work buddy =) Couldn’t have done it any better and I am sad I missed this amazing day and meeting you. Will hopefully meet in the future.

Much love


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