Hi, I’m Mike!

For some reason, I am the kind of person that people find approachable. I love connecting with all types of people and I definitely have some interesting stories of strangers showing me generosity from all over the world. Exploring new landscapes and getting to know a new culture is what excites me, camera always in hand.

When I am not physically travelling, I travel the world through food. Cooking, eating, photographing it and learning how different recipes are made. Food always pulls on my heart strings.

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a few things about me




I love food

My wife & I backpacked for 13 months

I've been a photographer for 13 years

We took a year off from 2016-17 to travel. It helped us take a break from the monotony of working life. We were ready for adventure and to see the world. From Europe to South East Asia, we were fortunate to come across interesting people and places. It also helped kickstart my venture into freelancing.

It is hard to believe that it has been 13 years working full-time. Where has the time gone? I first started my journey in commercial food photography and have photographed food for magazines, packaging, billboards, print and digital marketing materials before working more with people. Check out my other works here

Yes, food is life. Both eating and cooking it. Being exposed through my commercial work, I learned a lot about food from recipe developers, food stylists and chefs. Travel has made me appreciate and understand my own culture much better. Bringing Filipino food (and many other cultures) to the mainstream spotlight is one of my goals.

few random facts about me

I actually studied

I'm obsessed with:

graphic design


i (secretly) listen to

My favorite country to visit is


taylor swift & Blackpink

bucket list place to visit

i'm inspired by

wong kar wai

greenland & bhutan

cats or dogs?

My perfect hobbies

camping & snowboarding