Couple Shoot at Nakula Night Market in Bali

During my time in Bali, these two wanted to shoot with me and of course, I was totally game. Aside from having such a hectic week shooting a wedding and post nuptuals, family etc. I was strapped for time but I know I wanted to get a shot with such a unique couple. Gisi & Marcel asked me to shoot somewhere different so we decided on the night market… YASSSS!

There was “Bali” and there’s the real Bali. The market was starting to buzz as the day draws to a close and you can feel the energy as owners start to open up their shops awaiting business. As they set up, we meandered between alleyways taking shots as we go.  Gisela’s favourite food was called “Martabak”  so of course, we had to take a shot in front of the stall (unfortunately, no food this time around) oh, if you don’t know what it is… look it up, its to die for (the sweet one!) Such a fun couple!